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Storage Guide for reusable content 111

The boxes in this guide to take advantage of the one-place update feature. You should see 2 arrows on your new guide page if you have successfully linked. COPIED content will NOT update automatically - it will have to be manually corrected.

Note on Using These Search Boxes

Testing EBSCO Search Boxes

Since these are all EBSCO search boxes calling on the same script and input targets, you'll need to place the box within another guide to test


If you use one of these search boxes with a title that indicates it Floats, you'll need ensure the containing box has "Float" selected on your guide, even when mapping, to keep an accessible heading structure.

Multiple EBSCO Search Boxes

If you are wanting to have two EBSCO search boxes on the same page. You will need to complete the following to make it work:

  1. Make a copy of the original search box.
  2. Change all EBSCO related IDs and Names to include a '1' at the end.
  3. Replace the EBSCO hosted <script> with <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

The Medline Search box on this page is the second box on a LibGuide. You can use it as an example of how to create a second, same-page EBSCO search box.

If you are wanting a third or more EBSCO search boxes on the same page, you will need to create another JS file with appropriate edits to make it work.

If you feel uncomfortable with making these adjusts, contact Bob by email or phone, (806) 651-2228.

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