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Low-Cost, No-Cost, and Open Educational Resources (OER)

WT-Developed Resources

The following Low-Cost, No-Cost, and openly licensed materials were created at WT:

English faculty from West Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, and Texas A&M University - Galveston teamed up to create this open access resource: College Reading and Writing Foundations. This textbook was primarily created for integrated reading and writing courses but serves as a great refresher or supplement for anyone in college.

The CRWF team includes the following:

West Texas A&M University

  • AJ McCormick, editor & author
  • Bonnie Roos, editor & author
  • Taylor Fairweather-Leitch, contributor
  • Andrew Escudero, contributor
  • Rebecca Weir, editor & author
  • Bruce Wardlow, contributor
  • Katelyn Denney, editor
  • Brinn Reeves, editor

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

  • Andrea Montalvo-Hamid, author
  • Susan Wolff-Murphy, author
  • Kristen Ruggles, contributor

Texas A&M University - Galveston

  • Adam Haney, author & contributor
  • JoAnn DiGeorgio-Lutz, contributor
CWRF Website

This open access resource is made possible with support from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Course Materials available via the CRWF website.

by Karen Freberg & Emily Kinsky

This textbook on strategic uses of digital and social media presents an introduction and overview of imperative topics for professional communicators to consider in order to communicate clearly and accurately with relevant stakeholders: purpose, audience, message, content, channels, ethics, crisis, professionalism, monitoring and evaluation.

Textbook available via Top Hat

Cover of Concepts in Digital and Strategic Communication by Freberg & Kinsky

by Dr. Justin Moeller

This casebook or textbook is designed for use in a traditional undergraduate two-course Constitutional Law sequence. The book focuses on the constitutional evolution of federalism, the separation of powers, and civil rights in the United States. The project is supported through the H2O Platform maintained by the Inovation Lab at the Harvard Law School Library.

Textbook available via H2O.

Cover of Constitutional law by Moeller

by Karen Freberg, Emily Kinsky, and Amber Hutchins

This textbook will provide you a window into the growing area of specialization that is digital and visual media.

Textbook available via Top Hat

Cover of Digital Media Writing for Strategic Communication by Freberg, Kinsky, & Hutchins

by Adam Weiss, Ed.D.

Textbook designed for students who are entering college. The textbook aligns with the Texas Common Core Community College Course "EDUC 1300: Learning Framework"

Textbook available via the OERTX Repository.

Cover of Learning for College Achievement by Weiss

by Enyonam Osei-Hwere & Patrick Osei-Hwere

These course resources focus on media and digital literacy education strategies, educational components and literature to help students develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, as well as personal and social responsibility as media consumers, information and content creators. The course materials and textbook were created for teaching MCOM/COMM 1307 Introduction to Media Communication. Faculty from West Texas A&M University, with the support of faculty at Amarillo College, and South Plains College developed this OER course with funding from the Texas Higher Education Board OER GEER Development Grant Program.Please note this is a work in progress and this resource will continuously be updated throughout 2022.

Textbook available via Pressbooks.

Course Materials available via the OERTX Repository.

Cover of Media Communicaiton, Convergence, and Literacy by Osei-Hwere & Osei-Hwere

by Monica Smith Hart

Victorian Poetry and Poetics provides an introduction to Victorian-era British poetry and poetics (1830-1910). Primary texts are included alongside tools for students: author biographies, guides to poetic meter and form, contextual information. reading questions, and supplementary information. This text is an ongoing project.

Textbook available via Pressbooks.

Cover of Victorian Poetry and Poetics by Monica Smith Hart