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Communication Disorders 4480: Applications of Research in Communication Disorders

Applications of Research in Communication Disorders

Is it Evidence-Based Practice?

Evidence-based practice is used to decide on the optimum care of an individual patient based on the best current evidence.

After you have found a relevant peer-reviewed article, do you still need a good overview to determine if the information will qualify as evidence-based practice? This article has a section on "Understanding EBP":

Conner, B. T. (2014). Differentiating research, evidence-based practice, and quality improvementAmerican Nurse Today, 9(6), 26-31.

Remember, you need to find an article that:

  • is peer-reviewed
  • has acceptable evidence from a broad study
  • has information based on multiple resources/studies


Use CINAHL Complete

The database CINAHL Complete has the option to search for only Evidence-Based Practice articles.  This option is under the Advanced Search.

Check the box for Evidence-Based Practice:

TIP:  EBP "Fact Sheets" are not peer-reviewed articles.

Medline (EBSCO)

Explore possible EBP articles by using the Advanced Search in Medline (the EBSCO version of PubMed).

Publication Type Categories

Limit the Publication Type to likely categories, such as:

Clinical trial


Randomized controlled trial


While you can always add the phrase "evidence based practice" to a search, it probably will NOT be much help as the term may not be used in the article or its description.  What's best?  Your evalulation of likely articles.