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Communication Disorders 4480: Applications of Research in Communication Disorders

Applications of Research in Communication Disorders

Is It Okay to Use Google?

Since you will have to verify that your sources are scholarly and reputable, it is not a good idea to use Google to find journal articles. 

You will be able to spend less time overall on your research if you use databases available from the Cornette Library.

Start With the Best

Start by using the Best Databases for Communication Disorders research.

Another excellent option is to use the EBSCO Search option available via the Databases A-Z link on the Cornette Library home page  It will enable you to search most of the EBSCO databases at one time.

Need More: Use Discover

Type a phrase in "quotations marks".

Be sure to check the Resource Type button for Scholarly Articles to search:

  • only for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles
  • over 60 of the library databases
  • some open access journals  
  • no books
  • (The search results will show the facet Peer-reviewed Journals is being used to filter the search results.)

What Next?

After a Discover search, you will have many options to improve the list of full-text articles in the search results, such as:

  • click on Advanced Search  to type in addtional/different search words or for various options
  • use the facets in the right-hand column to find fewer, better articles
  • change the date range of publications to see only recent articles
  • filter results by subject terms
  • filter results by database ("Collection")
  • remember:  more search words = fewer articles

Should I Pay for an Article?


If you see a notification to pay for an article, please do not pay for it.

  • It may be available for free in another database.
  • A similar article may be available for free in another database.
  • You might be able to get it at no cost using Interlibrary Loan (allow two weeks).
  • Please contact a librarian to help you.

Good Research Takes Time

For a major research project, allow at least one week to find articles that are available online.

You may need about one additional week to find the articles that are in print or that need to be obtained via Interlibrary Loan.

Also, after reading the articles you find first, you may discover that you need to find additional articles that are tricky to find.  Allow one week minimum.

Learn more about getting started with the Research Process.

Is Everything Online?

No.  Sometimes an article may only be available in print or on microfilm in the library.

Generally, you will find copies of journals on the second floor of the library--in the Periodicals area.  (Areas 9 and 10 of the linked map.)