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WT Repository

WT Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

What are Theses and Dissertations?

WTAMU is a regional university with a number of graduate programs producing new research. 

As part of the completion of many Masters's and Doctoral programs, students must complete, defend, and make available some form of scholarly work. These works are called thesis for masters students, dissertations for PhD candidates, and scholarly deliveries for EdD candidates. 

These works are available through the WTAMU Cornette Library catalog in perpetuity. If you need assistance finding a thesis on our catalog, contact Jonathan Mobley or use our library chat on the Cornette Library homepage

From Fall 2015 onward, all theses, dissertations, and scholarly deliveries are reviewed by the WTAMU Graduate School and then automatically uploaded to the WTAMU Repository in the Thesis and Dissertations community through a service called Vireo.