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SES 1301: Foundations of SES

This course guide lays out, step-by-step, how to conduct and write your research paper for SES 1301.

Review Timeline

Progress Before Step


Progress After Step


Review Your Paper

It's critically important to review and edit your paper before handing it in. Grammar, logical flow, etc. is a means to evaluate an author as credible. Don't you want to seem credible? I'm sure your professor and the resulting grade care.

Check Your Paper For:

  • Properly cited and referenced citations
  • Grammar/Spelling
  • Logical Flow
  • Conclusions and Introductions reflect your paper

Seek Help:

You can get help reviewing your paper from:

  • The Library
    • For citation help
  • The Writing Center
    • For grammar help
  • SmartThinking
    • For grammar help
  • Your Professor/Instructor
    • For any questions you may have during the process