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SES 1301: Foundations of SES

This course guide lays out, step-by-step, how to conduct and write your research paper for SES 1301.

Why this Guide and these Sessions in the Library?

Learn Search Tools, Techniques and Research Paper Process

Steps to Writing a Paper

  1. Developing Your Research Topic
  2. Researching, including
    • Search strategies that will help you find information, and
    • Research resources and searching them
  3. Reading & Note Taking
  4. Outlining & Writing
  5. Review

What is Research?

Finding information by:

  • Conducting your own, original research
  • Finding research of others

Research is NOT Hard

  • It does take time and effort
  • There are steps to follow

Time Commitment

Step% of TimeTime*
Topic Development2.5%30 minutes
Researching10%2 hours
Reading/Note Taking55%11 hours
Outline/Writing25%5 hours
Review7.5%90 minutes

* Time is based of 20 hours of total time. Depending on your skill, this may take more or less time.