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This guide provides information about ICPSR, the Inter-University Consortium of Political and Social Research.

ICPSR in the Classroom

These ICPSR resources were created especially for undergraduate faculty and students. While any of ICPSR's data and tools can be used in the classroom, the ones provided here make it easy for instructors to set up data-driven learning experiences. The materials can be used as the basis for assignments, as an in-class or study exercise, for lecture content, or any other way you see fit. All resources are provided under a Creative Commons (attribution) License.

Data-Driven Learning Guides

ICPSR's Data-driven learning guides are stand-alone exercises that use online data analysis to teach social science concepts. The exercises introduce (or reinforce) key concepts in the social sciences by guiding students through a series of questions and related data analyses. The analyses are preset so students can focus on content rather than on the mechanics of data analysis. To assist instructors with selection, guides are also categorized by the most sophisticated statistical test presented in the exercise.

Exercise Set (Modules)

Exercise modules are made up of sequenced activities. While assignments may be created using a few of the exercises in a set, the full package must be used to meet the stated learning objectives for each. Most exercise modules are appropriate for Research Methods courses as well as more substantively focused courses.