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This guide provides information about ICPSR, the Inter-University Consortium of Political and Social Research.

Online Data Analysis of ICPSR Datasets

Users can perform online data analysis on many ICPSR datasets without having to download files and does not require familiarity with a statistical software package. The online analysis system uses the Survey Data and Analysis (SDA) statistical software. With SDA, users can:

  •    Search for variables of interest in a dataset
  •    Review frequencies or summary statistics of key variable to determine what further analyses are appropriate
  •    Review frequencies or summary statistics for missing data
  •    Produce simple summary statistics for reports
  •    Create statistical tables and charts from raw data
  •    Recode and create new variables
  •    Create a subset of variables or cases into an SPSS, SAS, Stata, or comma-separated ASCII dataset for download (easy to do even with large data collections and saves time and storage when using personal computers)
  •    Export results for use in spreadsheets and presentations
  •    Browse the online codebook

You may access SDA through selected individual data collections. Click on the Analyze Online tab or link that appears on the Search Result page, the Download page, or the Description page. If you do not see an Analyze Online link on one of these pages, the study is not available for online analysis.

You can also browse a list of SDA data collections that are available for online analysis. From the Find & Analyze Data page's Browse section, click on the link List studies for which online analysis is available.