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HIST: Nazi Germany (Govt Docs)

HIST 4337, Dr. Elizabeth Clark: Nazi Germany - Research for U.S. Government Documents

Records of Congress

The Congressional Record has Congressional proceedings and “verbatim” debates.  May also reprint some non-Congressional publications, such as newspaper and magazine articles.  The list below also shows the older Congressional proceedings that were published.

Debates and Proceedings of the Congress of the United States (3/3/1789 -  5/27/1824)
Available in microfilm and online.
Register of Debates in Congress (12/6/1824 – 10/16/1837)
Available in microfilm and online.
Congressional Globe (12/2/1833 – 3/3/1873)
Available in microfilm and online.
Congressional Record (3/4/1873 - )
Congressional Record : Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress
SuDoc is X 1.1:
Various years available in print and/or microfiche
Gov Docs – US Docs Shelves
Gov Docs –  Microfiche Cabinet
Can browse online 1999 - 2001
  • “Bound” set is the official set
  • Index volumes are for the official set
  • For years 1986 – 1988, the library only has the daily issues
  • Index pages for official set will have different page numbers than the “Daily” issues
  • You may use database Congressional Publications to search for items in the 1986 – 1988 print “Daily” issues.
Sessional Indexes to the Congressional Record, 1873 – 1919
SuDoc is X 1.Index:
Daily Congressional Record –
  • Are available in the database Congressional Publications
  • Go to database Congressional Publications (ProQuest)
  • Click on link to Daily Congressional Record & Rules
  • Coverage begins in 1985
  • Not the official edition

Congressional Record

It is possible to browse the Congressional Record. Spines of the books list dates, as well as Congressional Session.