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Health and Wellness Resources

A guide for all the Health and Wellness Resources the Library has.

Welcome to the Health and Wellness Guide

Hello everyone. I'm excited to welcome you to Cornette Library's Health and Wellness guide. 

Here, we have housed many of our mental and physical fitness resources. In addition, many of our databases house thousands of articles related to these topics. As far as books are concerned, we have dozens of books on our shelves and many more electronic books available in our collection. 

If you would like to learn about something more specific in this field, please feel free to contact Cornette Library through our chat service or just come in and meet with us; we'll be happy to help you find what you need. 

How to Use This Guide

We've broken the guide up by the different healthy lifestyle components. 

The physical and mental categories are broken into a few different categories. First, physical wellness has a list of databases that pertain to physical wellness; then there is a list of just some of the books that we have available related to physical wellness.

Mental wellness is broken into three categories. First, we have databases listed about the serious side of mental wellness. Then we have a list of databases that pertain to the fun side of mental wellness. Lastly, we have a list of some of the books that pertain to mental wellness. 

Lastly, head over to the Virtual Kickback page if you'd like to check out a bunch of fun and interesting activities that help you take your mind off of work and relax.