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Virtual Kickback

Guide for the different activities for virtual kickback


Hello Everyone.
Welcome to Virtual Kickback. It's just like regular Kickback; we have many fun and relaxing activities to take your mind off finals.

You probably know we invite therapy dogs to the library if you've been to Kickback in person. Unfortunately, we can't email you a therapy dog. We do have several animal streams for you to check out in place of that. We also decided to share our animals with you in picture form.

We are happy to bring you this program in a different form, so you can use these activities to relax even if you can't attend in person. We hope this helps you get ready to tackle your finals. You are terrific Buffs, each and every one of you, and we hope you have a great finals week. 

Faculty Affirmations

You’ve made it this far, which is already quite an accomplishment for this year!  Make sure you are taking care of yourself – taking breaks, eating healthy, and getting some sleep!  Academic success relies on mental and physical health as well.  Be kind to you!  - Kenneth Denton

"Dear WT students, You have all been through a lot this semester, and your professors are very proud of your hard work. We hope you take the lessons you've learned in our classes and use them to reach new heights in your personal and professional lives. Keep up your dedication and focus through the end of the semester and finish strong!" - Dr. Nicole Kraus, Sociology

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