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ENGL 1302 Dr. Hart

ENGL 1302 Guide specifically for Dr. Hart's class

Assignment Description

You will put together a presentation of the materials you have gathered in the annotated bibliography.

This will come in handy during the writing process. 

What Information Do You Need?

We are going to use these criteria to keep track of our sources while also taking notes on our sources.

Criteria Source 1
Complete Citation (Create a citation in the appropriate format) Example:

Cordero, E. C., Centeno, D., & Todd, A. M. (2020). The role of climate change education on individual lifetime carbon emissions. PloS One, 15(2), e0206266.

Year the source was published 2020
Title of publication (eg. Journal title, book title, newspaper title, etc. PloS One
Keywords and words that require definitions (protip: use these terms in future searches to find more sources. climate change, emissions, carbon, ecology, education, "carbon footprint"
What is this source’s objective? What is it trying to do /say/ prove? The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impact of an intensive university climate change course on individual long-term carbon emissions.
What are the author’s/ authors’ research questions? (protip: this is often found in the introduction or thesis)  
Major Claims/ Findings/ Results (what did the authors learn?) Developing a college class for freshmen can: a) connect climate science to students' lives, b) provide students with experience creating change in a community of their choice, and c) create a culture devoted to stewardship and action. This can be scaled and have a potentially greater impact at other universities
Does this source disagree with your working theses” How so?  
Are there any holes in their research? Did they fall to consider something? Need to investigate more studies that assess the impact that education can have on long-term behavior
Notes, insights, and key takeaways  
Useful quotes (include a page number) "The results of this comparison show that education, if designed appropriately, can potentially be as effective as other established climate change mitigation techniques. Based on the scenario we developed, the implementation of climate change education over a 30-year period (2020–2050) could reduce emissions by 18.8 GT of CO2 eq" (p. 16).
How will you use this source? Does it add anything to other sources you’ve already found? I will use this source to strengthen my argument that education is essential for helping reduce personal carbon emissions
Permalink (protip: pull the link to the article from the database. Make sure it’s the “permalink” so you can always get back to your source-look for the word ‘login’ in the URL)


There is a worksheet of the criteria on the Resources page of this guide.