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ENGL 1302 Dr. Hart

ENGL 1302 Guide specifically for Dr. Hart's class

What is Research

Finding information by:

  • Conducting your own, original research
  • Finding research of others

Research is NOT Hard

  • It does take time and effort
  • There are steps to follow

Steps to Writing a Paper

Learn Search Tools, Techniques and Research Paper Process

Steps to Writing a Paper

  1. Developing Your Research Topic
  2. Researching, including
    • Search strategies that will help you find information, and
    • Research resources and searching them
  3. Reading & Note Taking
  4. Outlining & Writing
  5. Review

Time Commitment

Step% of TimeTime*
Topic Development2.5%30 minutes
Researching10%2 hours
Reading/Note Taking55%11 hours
Outline/Writing25%5 hours
Review7.5%90 minutes

* Time is based of 20 hours of total time. Depending on your skill, this may take more or less time.