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POSC 3315: Religion and Politics

This course examines the interaction of religion and American political lif, as well as problems and prospects presented by mixing religion and politics.

Online Resources

Books on Religion and Politics

Videos about Religion and Politics in America

God and the Constitution (Public Affairs Television)

  • Dr. Martin Marty, a professor of the history of modern Christianity at the University of Chicago, and Leonard Levy, editor of The Encyclopedia of the American Constitution and a professor of humanities and history at the Claremont Graduate School in California, examine the legality of school prayer. The program also explores the issues of religious symbols on municipal property as well as tax-exempt status for religious institutions (60 minutes).

Church and state : Christianity, religious diversity, and secular humanism in America (KTWU-TV, Topeka, Kansas)

  • The separation of church and state represents one of the most fundamental principles of American democracy. While some contend that the United States needs to return to its roots as a "Christian nation," others point out that the Founding Fathers crafted a system specifically designed to guard against any form of state-sanctioned religion. After reviewing the substance of the debates that took place during the Constitutional conventions, this program examines the evolution of Christianity in the U.S. and reflects upon the growth of religious diversity as well as trends toward secular humanism. Participants include Boston University's Stephen Prothero; Diana Eck, of The Pluralism Project at Harvard University; Robert Bellah, of U. C. Berkeley; retired Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong; Princeton University's Robert Wuthnow; and the Reverend Peter Gomes, of The Memorial Church of Harvard University (28 minutes).