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Critical Thinking

This guide is designed to help learners improve critical thinking skills.

Fake News: What is it?

Fake News
At the most basic level, fake news is false or misleading information that has be packaged or presented in a way that makes it look like it came from a legitimate news source. Because it looks legitimate, people easily believe the information and share with others creating a vicious cycle.
Why Do Our Brains Love Fake News?

Different Types of Fake News

  • Pure fake news sites use fabricated stories to lure traffic, encourage clicks (click bait), influence or profit using intentionally deceptive, but highly intriguing, often sensational information.
  • Hoax sites also share false information with the intention to trick readers/viewers
  • Satirical sites present news with a comical, often exaggerated spin
  • Born digital images and edited images alter and often misrepresent visual reality

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