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COUN 6308: Ethical Standards and Practices in Counseling

Research tips for four assignments in COUN 6308.

Assignment for Journal Article

Each research assignment requires:  one in text citation from a refereed counseling journal article (found on the WTAMU library website).

Where Can You Search for Counseling Journal Articles?

Below are a variety of resources to consider.  Scroll this page for more information about them.

  • Discover:  search 44 library databases simultaneously.
  • EBSCO Search:  search the 67 library databases from EBSCO that are not included with a Discover search.
  • Taylor and Francis Online:  although included in a Discover search, can search it directly to utilize options specific to this library database.
  • Journal Titles:  search to find if library has the full text of a journal online

Type a phrase in "quotations marks".

Be sure to check the Resource Type button for Scholarly Articles to search:

  • only for scholarly, peer-reviewed articles
  • over 60 of the library databases
  • some open access journals  
  • no books
  • (The search results will show the facet Peer-reviewed Journals is being used to filter the search results.)

EBSCO Search


A locally customized combined search of over 60 different EBSCO databases, covering a wide array of topics and sources.

Taylor and Francis Online

  • Buff Portal Login

Multi-disciplinary full-text database with an international perspective. Numerous specialized journals in physical and life sciences, health science, social and behavioral science, education, engineering, and arts and humanities. More than 1400 journals are available.

Journal Titles

Journal Titles button on library home page:  can search a journal title to determine if the full text is available in a Cornette Library database.


Can search by journal name or a keyword in the title, such as counseling:


Click on a title to view more information about the title.  It may indicate if it is Refereed/Peer Reviewed:


Can click on link by Full text available at to explore search options.  The search options available will be unique to each database.