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COUN 6308: Ethical Standards and Practices in Counseling

Research tips for four assignments in COUN 6308.


This guide may help you in the research assignments for Modules 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Research Assignment

Module 2, 3, 4, 5 Assignment: Ethical Case Study                                                                                        

For these assignments you will be presented with an ethical case study. In reviewing the case, you will write a 5 page APA-formatted paper following either the Forester-Miller and Davis (2016) or Stone (2001) models.  One in text citation from either the ACA or ASCA code/standards of ethics, one in text citation from applicable Texas (or your current state) law, such as Texas Family Code/ and one in text citation from a refereed counseling journal article (found on the WTAMU library website) are required.  In following the required model, discuss what actions you would take as you proceed through the steps.  You will notice in each model either questions to ask yourself are presented or items to be considered are mentioned- each one these must be discussed in your paper. Be sure to document and defend your courses of action and your final conclusions. 

LPC Students will be presented a LPC case study to implement the Ethical Decision Making Model offered by Forester-Miller and Davis (2016)

CSC Students will be presented a CSC case study to implement the STEPS: Solutions to Ethical Problems in Schools by Stone (2001)

If you are a School Counseling +LPC student then you can choose to implement either the Forester-Miller and Davis or the ASCA.  There are 4 total case studies in this course covering various topics, I encourage you to split the case studies and do 2 with the LPC model and 2 with the CSC model so you get a chance to use both.

State of Texas Laws, highlights but not all inclusive: