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COMM 1315: Introduction to Speech Communication

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For this speech, you will be researching one of the non-profit organizations listed below and will prepare a powerpoint presentation to accompany your speech which discusses, the history, mission and purpose, important milestones, and community involvement of the organization. This speech requires 5 sources, listed on your outline using correct APA format and should be 5 minutes in length.  Your typed outline is due at the time of your presentation. See pages 22-26 of Section 2 of the COMM 1315 Workbook (provided through WTClass) for complete information and evaluation sheets. 

Researching a Non-Profit Organization

There are many ways to find out information about the organization for which you will be volunteering. In addition to talking to someone from the organization, it can be helpful to look at the organization's website. Try taking a look at any "About Us" pages, and keep an eye out for links relating to the history or mission of the organization. Some organizations may have publications that might also be worth looking at. 

You will also want to look at any news stories related to the organization to find out about community involvement and activities of that organization. 

Online Resources

Other Sources