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Context for Cancellations

Cornette Library strives to present the best possible resources to meet the needs of our academic community. Toward this goal, we sometimes need to realign our print and electronic resource subscriptions to best suit the needs of our users, academic curriculum, and budget.

Resources will be reviewed based on usage data, cost, content overlap with other resources, unique content, and academic needs. If such a review indicates it is warranted, Cornette Library will cease subscribing to the resource.

We will post notification of cancellations on this page along with alternative resource suggestions.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact Gonda Stayton (

Nexis Uni cancellation

Our subscription to Nexis Uni will end June 30, 2022.

Because of significant overlap of its content with other resources, the money needed for it will be better spent on more unique and necessary resources.

Total savings: $16,828.


Please see this list of alternatives to Nexis Uni for legal, news, or business information
or contact us for more specific guidance.