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SPAN 4365 (Dr. Santos-Sopena): Spanish Lit/Dreams and Visions

Use ARTstor to find images

Use ARTstor to find images from multiple well-known collections!

Creating an account

You can search for images without creating profiles. If you want to SAVE and ORGANIZE the images you find, you must create a profile.

To create a profile:

  1. Sign up for an account. This will allow you to have a profile to create folders in order to save and organize images. ArtStor will ask you to provide an email and password.
  2. After you login, your profile will appear on the search screen. You can see that you can directly link into your folders and image groups.

Searching ARTstor

Searching ArtStor can be easy

Basic Search

Link using the catalog, you can use a simple keyword search. For example, "Edwardian Dress." Any images containing these keywords, will appear as thumbnails. To enlarge the image, double click. To select the image to be placed in a new or existing folder/image group, click once.

Note: Once you have retrieve images, you may sort by "Title," "Creator" and "Date."

Advanced Search

Multiple search options. Multiple keyword search in many different fields (title, creator), as well as by geography, collection, classification and date/date range. These different areas may also be combined any number of ways.

Saving images

To save images, highlight the image(s) you wish to save.

  1. After you have selected your images, click the link at the top of the screen which says "Organize".
  2. A drop-down menu will appear. Select "Save selected images to".
  3. You may choose to pick from the three options given:
    • New image group
    • Existing image group
    • Recently opened image group
  4. If you wish to save image(s) to an existing folder, pick the desired folder.
  5. If you wish to create a new image group, name the folder properly.

View saved images

To view what you have saved in ArtStor:

  1. To view images you have opted to save, go back to "Organize".
  2. Then select "Open image group".
  3. A list of your image groups will appear. After you decide which folder you wish to open, double click on the title of the folder. Note: your image groups will always be subsets of "My Work Folder."