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SOCI 4321: Race and Ethnicity

Library resources for presentations and papers. Including ASA citation and formatting information.

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Finding relevant books

Search by subject/keyword terms like minorities - education or ethnic identity or minorities united states

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Call Number RangeSubjects
H1 - H99Social Sciences generally
HM1 - HM299Sociology (General and theoretical)
HN1 - HN 981Social history, social problems, and social reform
HQ1 - HQ2039The family, marriage, women.
HT51 - HT1595Communities, classes and races
HV1 - HV9960Social pathology, social and public welfare, and criminology

Books to request via ILL

Use Statistical Methods Social Sciences as a subject phrase in your search. Allow 2-3 weeks for ILL.

A few books about minorities that you can check out