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Collaborate with Cornette Library

Library visitation plan for local schools.

"The research process concept is irreversible because once you understand the purpose of research as the development of new inquiry rather than confirming prior understandings, you will not mistake reportage for research and will recognize the difference in your own work and the work of others."

Amy R. Hofer, Lori Townsend, and Silvia Lin Hanick / Transforming Information Literacy Instruction: Threshold Concepts in Theory and Practice

Intro to the Library

Cornette Library welcomes the opportunity to work with your students and help them explore resources, construct meaning from those resources, and learn information literacy skills. 

Professional collaboration is the key to a successful visit, so we will be reaching out to you prior to your visit to learn more about your visit objectives and to outline how we can work together on the day of your visit to ensure the best possible experience for your students. 

Services we offer

  • Information literacy skills such as:
    • Source evaluation whether it be websites or physical sources like books or journals
    • Source citation
    • Valuing and respecting the ideas of others
    • The research process
  • Tour of library and what they might expect as students at WT
  • Presentation/discussion of what they need to do to have a smoother HS to College transition
  • How to read your textbook workshop/disciplinary literacy presentation
  • Access to library resources such as:
    • Trained librarians 
    • A vast range of databases
    • Physical volumes all the way from children's books to rocket science!
    • Government documents
    • And so much more! 
  • Multiple, connected visits with instruction and support