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BUSI 3312: Business Law

Tips for finding full text of cases, Shepardizing, etc.

General Information

Westlaw is available on campus and off-campus to current WTAMU faculty, students, and staff. Off-campus use requires login.

  • Database with cases and law review articles
  • TIP: To search a phrase in Westlaw, you must put the words in quotation marks. Example: “wells fargo”.

Search for a Case by Citation: Westlaw

It is easier to find a case if you know the citation for it.

  1. At library home page, go to Databases A - Z.
  2. Click on "W."
  3. Click on Westlaw.
  4. In the single search box, type the word Find: (with colon), then type in citation
    • Example: Find: 550 U.S. 1
    • Do not need to choose a jurisdiction (such as All Federal or All State).
    • Do not need to change the default jurisdiction from All Federal when searching a state-level case.
    • Do not need to type the citation in "quotation marks."
  5. Click Search
    • TIP: Best way to find a particular case

Search for a Case by Name: Westlaw

  1. Go to Westlaw home page.
  2. By the single search box, click on the blue link to All Federal.  (Skip this step if you know the jurisdiction is Federal.)
  3. If you do not know the jurisdiction, leave box checked for All Federal.
  4. If you do not know the jurisdiction, also check box for All State.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Now searching All Federal and All State cases.
  7. Click on link to Advanced (by orange search button).
  8. Type case name in box for Name/Title.
  9. Type in name of case. Example: "Watters v. Wachovia"
    • TIP: must put case name in "quotation marks"
  10. Click Search
    • TIP: if you see more than one case, choose the one with the citation you have (Example: 550 U.S. 1)