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BUSI 3312: Business Law

Tips for finding full text of cases, Shepardizing, etc.

Law Review and Law Journal Articles

  • Scholarly articles written by experts.
  • Published by law schools, etc.
  • May discuss a topic of law.
  • Use relevant cases to illustrate the topic.
  • Students interested in a case might find a case they are briefing explained in everyday language.

Searching Law Review and Law Journal Articles: Nexis Uni

For background information when briefing a case, it may be helpful if a law review or law journal article has mentioned that case when explaining a topic of law.  Below is an example of how to search for a case.

Sample Case: Kelo v. City of New London

  1. Go to Nexis Uni.
  2. Under Guided Search, click Law Reviews.
  3. The 2d search box is now Search in all Law Reviews for.
  4. Type in case name OR citation:
    • 545 u.s. 469
    • OR
    • kelo w/sent city of new london (This search will find the case names in the same sentence.)
  5. Have option to Choose date range.
  6. Click Search.
  7. Will now see list of law review articles
  8. May browse articles or filter the results by options in the left column.
  9. Click on a blue link to read full text of an article.

Searching Law Reviews and Law Journal Articles: Westlaw

  1. Go to Westlaw.
  2. Under All Content tab, click on Secondary Sources.
  3. Click on Law Reviews & Journals.
  4. Will be searching all law reviews and journals.  Can click on Texas to search only Texas publications.
  5. In search box, type in one case name or one citation in “quotation marks”:
    • “kelo v. city of new london”
    • kelo w/sent “city of new london” (notice that you will only put a particular phrase in "quotation marks" when using this "trick" search)
    • “545 u.s. 469”
    • TIP:  For some cases with parallel citations, might be best to search by case name.
  6. Click Search button
  7. May browse articles or filter the results by Search within results option in the left column.
  8. Click on a blue link of law review cite to read article—might find background information on your case