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Raimey Doggett

by Mark McKnight on 2022-02-15T10:03:00-06:00 | Comments

Raimey Doggett is Cornette Library's Emerging Technologies Librarian, which means she spends a significant amount of time helping library staff navigate and or troubleshoot our Springshare apps successfully. Springshare is the suite of apps the library uses to construct most of our tools and services. She also experiments with new technologies that will benefit library staff and patrons, and she collaborates with library staff on technology-focused projects.

Raimey works in or Research and Access department, so if she isn't helping librarians navigate Springshare, she's helping students navigate the library building and website to find the perfect resource.

Before she came to Cornette, Raimey worked for five and a half years at Canyon High School library, and she worked part-time at the Canyon Area library on nights, weekends, and summers.

In her free time, Raimey is usually in the company of her pups and her husband. Unfortunately, they tend to consume far too much media via their many streaming subscriptions. She also claims her dogs watch TV with them, and she has plenty of video evidence to prove her point. That's a trap, though; it just gives her an excuse to show off all the pictures and videos she has of her dogs.

She also enjoys playing video games; Stardew Valley is her go-to game right now. Or, she reads and draws. But, honestly, she spends more time basking in her husband's cooking/baking and gardening hobbies.

She wants everyone to know she enjoys traveling, but Raimey doesn't get to do this as often as she would like. Edinburgh has been her favorite place to see so far; she says she would probably move there if she could.


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