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THRE 3302: Art of Fashion

Getting Started

Search Library Catalog by keyword, title, etc.

Tips for better results:

  • Use the connector OR between your search terms find results that have any one of those terms. You could enter "modern OR contemporary" [without the quotes] to get results that include either the word modern or the word contemporary.

  • Truncate a word with a * to get variations of that word. You can enter "artist*" [without the quotes] to get mentions of either "artistic" or "artistry," as well as "artist."

  • Use subject terms for more precise results. To find good subject headings for your topic, if a keyword search returns at least one relevant item, pay close attention to the section of the record labeled "LC Subject Headings" and click on the links from the meaningful subject headings you find there. You can also search the online Library of Congress Authorities Catalog.

  • Distinguish between searching for an exact phrase vs just for all given terms. Searching without quotes for free world will include books about making the world free from hunger. Using quotes around "free world" will find only find mentions of the Cold War-era nations allied with the United States instead of with the USSR.

Finding Articles