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THRE 3302: Art of Fashion


Old popular magazines with lots of photos in them can be an excellent source of the images you need.

  • Bound volumes of image-heavy print magazines from earlier decades are on our 2nd floor.
  • Some useful magazines are:
    • Life (1936 to 1972)
    • Look (1955 to 1971)
    • Harper's Bazaar (1966 to 1981)
    • Vogue (1942 to 1981)
    • National Geographic (1888 to present)
    • Ebony (1962 to 1982)
    • Good Housekeeping (1917-1981)
    • Ladies Home Journal (1898-1981, with some small gaps)
    • Woman's Home Companion (1928-1957)
    • Today's Secretary (1950-1982)
    • The Saturday Evening Post (1922 to 1981)
    • Travel (1917 to 1977)
    • The Rotarian (1922 to 1998)
    • Madamoiselle (1964 to 1981) 
    • McCall's (1948 to 1982) [
    • Seventeen (1965 to 1989)
    • Time (1928 to 1981)
    • Delineator (1925-1936)
    • Glamour (1978-1981)
    • American City (1920 to 1975)
    • American City & Country (1975 to 1981)
    • American Childhood (1926 to 1958)
    • American Heritage (1954 to 2004)
    • Americana (1973 to 1990)
    • Century Magazine (1881-1902)
    • Country Gentleman (1923-1955, with a few one-year gaps)
    • Country Life (1919-1937)
    • Town & Country (1966-1989)
    • Civil War Times Illustrated (1962 to 1982)
    • Illustrated London News (1936 to 2003)
  • Use the Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature to find coverage of your specific topic in a very old magazine. Ask at the Research & Access Desk for assistance with this.

Finding Useful Books

Cornette Library's online catalog
Includes books throughout the library, as well as e-books, government documents, videos, and journal titles. Tips for searching:
  • Start with a keyword search for your topic. The fewer terms you require a catalog record to have, the more results you'll get.
  • It doesn't search for exact phrases unless you choose that option.
  • Use the subject phrase "pictorial works" to find books that are principally photos and images. The keyword phrase "chiefly illus." may also prove useful.
  • For more books with images, you can add to your topic keywords the abbreviation illus, for books added to the catalog before 1980 or ill, for books added since 1980. Such abbreviations are found on the Details field of the catalog record of books that have illustrations and will limit your results to only those books.
  • Don't hesitate to browse the Loan shelves in a given subject area, but do use the catalog to find the right range of the shelves.
  • Includes books from thousands of libraries everywhere.
  • Indicates clearly which books Cornette Library has.
  • Use all the same tactics as with our catalog and find many more good results. Especially helpful to find books that are principally photos and images may be the subject phrase "pictorial works".
  • Request books from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan (ILL), using the link by the book's record in WorldCat.
  • Allow up to three weeks for ILL books to arrive.


Helpful Searching Tip:

  • Consider sometimes truncating terms with the applicable symbol.
  • For instance, photo* in our catalog or WorldCat will find records with "photos," "photographs," "photography" and "photographic."