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Get to know the the Library, its services, and resources for students in the Bachelor of Science in Health Science program at RELLIS.

Steps in the Health Care Research Process

Research in health care is often conducted using the 5 A's of the Evidence-Based Practice Process.

  1. Ask a question that can be answered with research evidence. Many health care professionals use the PICO mnemonic to help them develop good clinical research questions.
  2. Acquire literature by searching databases and the online catalog for evidence to answer your clinical question.
  3. Appraise the evidence you have collected for validity and applicability to your question. In other words, evaluate your sources.
  4. Apply your evidence to clinical practice after integrating it with your clinical expertise and your patient's preferences.
  5. Assess or evaluate the effects of the change in practice.

The American Journal of Nursing has collected an informative series of nursing research articles on Evidence-Based Practice, Step by Step.