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Trial & temporary resources

Drama Texts Collection

From April 28, 2021 until May 31, 2021, we had trial access to the Alexander Street Drama Texts Collection.

It includes over 6,000 scripts of plays from several hundred notable playwrights, including dozens each of Asian American, Latin American, and Native American playwrights and hundreds of Black playwrights.

Component collections also include North American Women's Drama, Contemporary World Drama, and Twentieth Century North American Drama, any of which can be accessed from Menu at the top left and then "My Collections," and each of which includes option to filter the search results by Playwright, Date, and other facets.

This also comes with access to three related collections on the separate ProQuest platform:

  • American Drama 1714–1915
  • English Drama
  • Twentieth Century Drama

The latter three collections can be searched in combination with each other but not in combination with the content on the Alexander Street platform.

Printing was not available during the trial but would be with a subscription. See below for details.

A few notable playwrights from whom we have no plays online (or virtually none) but from whom the Drama Texts Collection has at least ten (and often many more):

  • August Wilson
  • Tom Stoppard
  • Neil Simon
  • Sam Shepard
  • Amiri Baraka
  • Alice Childress
  • Adrienne Kennedy
  • María Irene Fornés
  • Carmen Rivera
  • Lynne Alvarez
  • Diane Glancy
  • Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl
  • Velina Hasu Houston
  • Elizabeth A. Wong
  • Philip Kan Gotanda
  • Ed Bullins
  • Gertrude Stein
  • Eugene O'Neill
  • Horton Foote
  • Lee Breuer
  • Javon Johnson
  • Carlos Morton
  • Oliver Mayer
  • Jeannie Barroga

A few notable playwrights from whom we have no plays online (or virtually none) but from whom the Drama Texts Collection has between 2 and 9:

  • Charlayne Woodard
  • Shay Youngblood
  • James Baldwin
  • Dominique Morisseau
  • Cherríe Moraga
  • Naomi Iizuka
  • Karen Zacarías
  • Rehana Lew Mirza
  • Lisa Loomer
  • Paddy Chayefsky
  • Lee Blessing
  • Steven Dietz
  • Lonne Elder III
  • William S. Yellow-Robe, Jr.
  • Hanay Geiogamah
  • Larissa FastHorse
  • Shirley Graham Du Bois
  • S.M. Shephard-Massat
  • Josefina López

A few other notable playwrights from whom we already have some plays online but whose works this collection would significantly increase:

  • Kia Corthron
  • David Mamet
  • Theresa Rebeck
  • Ben Jonson
  • Bernard Shaw
  • Neil LaBute
  • J.M. Barrie
  • Aphra Behn
  • Molière

Also attached here is a full title list of the included plays.

Please let us know if you would find this resource valuable.

Printing from the Drama Texts Collection

As per the vendor, printing is disabled during trials but is available for paid subscriptions. Below is a shot of where the print button appears once you have a paid subscription:

The Alexander Street Drama Texts Collection interface shown with the printing button highlighted in the upper right corner

Users have the option to easily print single pages, sections, or the entire work.

Alexander Street Drama Text printing options shown allowing current page, section, or entire document

For sections, it will offer pre-selections for however the title contents are split. It could be by Acts or by sections.

Alexander Street Drama Text printing options showing a case in which the section option presents sections as acts of a play


Alexander Street Drama Text printing options showing Section option with sections broken down by topics rather than acts