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Trial & temporary resources

ProQuest Global Newsstream

From August 4 until August 13, we have trial access of ProQuest Global Newsstream, which covers the 1980s to the present with over 2,800 news sources including newspapers, newswires, news journals, transcripts, video, and digital-first content in full-text format.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

Social Explorer

Until May 31 July 31, 2020, we have trial access to Social Explorer, a data visualization and mapping tool providing easy-to-use location analysis tools that allow users to create in-depth data maps, reports, and presentations drawing on robust data on demography, economy, health, politics, environment, crime and more from a variety of sources.

Among data sources included are the Decennial Census, American Community Survey (ACS), County Business Patterns, Population Estimates, LEHD, FBI Uniform Crime Report, American election results, Religious Congregations and Membership Study, UK Census, Eurostat, World Development Indicators, and more, many available at detailed geographic levels. Users can also add their own data for visualization.


Training webinars are available three times each week. Anyone can easily register online. (If none of the listed times work, please let us know.)

To judge the value of this as a possible addition to our library subscriptions, it's essential that we hear your judgment. Please let us know what you think.


Coronavirus Research

The Coronavirus Research Database from ProQuest is a new cross-disciplinary resource in response to the rapidly growing need for authoritative content related to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 so that researchers can search and discover very relevant full-text articles, dissertations and other content from key publishers in one place.

The Coronavirus Research Archive from Taylor & Francis makes relevant research articles free to access in order to support the global effort to diagnose, treat, prevent COVID-19. This content will be updated regularly as more content is published. Taylor & Francis is also offering free access to several of its books relevant to the topic.

The Covid-19: Novel Coronavirus Outbreak content from Wiley Online Library is also free to access "in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research in this disease and similar viral respiratory infections." This content is also updated regularly as more content is published. In addition to articles related to the current outbreak, Wiley is also making a collection of journal articles and book chapters on other coronavirus research freely available

Access to these will be ongoing, though we feature them here for your further attention while they are so relevant.


Until June 30, 2020, due to the COVID-19 crisis, JSTOR is providing us access to approximately 39,000 of their eBooks. Many of these we also have through EBSCO; many others we don't. Various users may prefer the interface and functionality in one platform or the other.

Until December 31, 2020, due to the COVID-19 crisis, JSTOR is also providing us access to a much greater number of their journals. JSTOR offers complete full-text coverage from the very first issue of each of its journals but excluding the most current 2-5 years. We own permanent JSTOR access to approximately 880 journals. This temporarily adds approximately 1,731 others, many of which we have substantial, if incomplete, coverage through other platforms. 

Please let us know any thoughts you have about this.


We depend on your feedback in judging these trial databases.

Please let us know what you think.

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