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THRE 1310: Introduction to Theatre

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Possible search terms

wom*n OR m*n OR ladies OR lady OR bordello* OR brothel* OR "New Orleans"

interior OR inside OR room OR furniture OR couch OR chair OR lounge OR sitting OR table OR boudoir OR parlor

bodice* OR skirt OR wearing OR cloth* OR fashion* OR suit 

Also maybe try these

Improve your Google searches

Important Limiters for searching Google Images

You can limit your results in Google to pages from specific sites or kinds of sites by including along with your search terms text such as or, for all colleges and universities but only colleges and universities,

This way, even when searching Google Images, you're more likely to get archival content from university collections.

General web collections

Other library databases

Digital sources for African-American life and culture



  • OAIster searches digital archives at universities, museum, and libraries worldwide.
  • Choose "----Downloadable image" for Format under "Narrow your search."
  • When using Boolean operators here such as AND, OR, & NOT, be sure to capitalize.


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