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Nursing is a practice discipline requiring the scholarly use of scientific, ethical, aesthetic, and personal ways of knowing (the Art of Nursing). Nurses use the many ways of knowing to enable persons to bring body, mind, and spirit into harmony.

Evidence-Based Care Sheets in CINAHL

Evidence-Based Care Sheets (ECBS) are summaries on specific diseases and conditions, as well as the best treatment options. Each sheet incorporates the latest evidence, statistics, research, and references on a given topic. The references are ranked, using a coding matrix, according to the type of literature they represent (systematic reviews, meta-analyses, etc.)

While Evidence-Based Care Sheets are written, edited, and reviewed by RNs and MDs, they are not considered to be journal articles. Use the sheets for background information and helpful references.

Accessing Evidence-Based Care Sheets

Click on the link below to open CINAHL Complete in a new brower window:

Click on "Evidence-Based Care Sheets" from the top navigation bar. If you don't see "Evidence-Based Care Sheets" on the navigation bar, click on the "More" dropdown menu.Evidence-Based Care Sheets link in top navigation bar

                                 Search or browse Evidence Based Care Sheets

You can search for a specific topic by typing a keyword in the search box and then clicking Browse.

Topics are listed in A-Z order. You can click Next or Previous to browse the list.




Check the box next to the sheet you want to view, and then click SearchCheck the box next to the sheet you want to view, and then click Search.

Viewing an Evidence-Based Care SheetAll evidence-based care sheets have a full text PDF available. Click on "PDF Full Text" to view the care sheet.

Each evidence-based care sheet is two pages long. It offers a summary of "What We Know" and a paragraph on "What We Can Do."