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Genealogy Tour

Genealogy resources of the Cornette Library.

Library Tour 2014

The Cornette Library welcomed members from the Amarillo Genealogical Society in a 2014 tour.  Visitors were shown books highlighting resources available in the Government Documents department.  Some items were available for checkout to patrons with a TexShare card. 

For more information about the Government Documents collection, please contact Carolyn Ottoson, Government Documents Librarian.  Email:  Telephone:  (806)651-2204

Additional Government Documents resources are listed on the Genealogy InfoGuide page of Print Resources



Federal Depository Library

In addition to being a university library, the Cornette Library is also a federal depository library.

The United States Government is the largest publisher in the world. It distributes materials in a variety of formats, including electronic, CD, microfiche, and paper. As part of its publishing program, the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), distributes some government documents free of cost to designated libraries throughout the United States and its territories.  These libraries are known as Federal depository libraries.

SuDoc Classification System

Superintendent of Documents Classification is a system of library classification developed in the office of the Superintendent of Documents of the United States Government Publishing Office (GPO).

The first letters of a SuDoc number reflect the department or agency that issues the publication.

SuDoc Agency
A Dept of Agriculture
C Commerce Dept
D Defense
E Energy
ED Education
GA General Accounting Office
GS General Services Administration
HE Health and Human Services
I Dept. of the Interior
J Justice
JU Judiciary
L Labor
LC Library of Congress
S State
SI Smithsonian
T Treasury (includes IRS)
X, Y House and Senate Publications
Y4 Congressional Committees

Location: US Documents

Resources Useful for Genealogy

Resource SuDoc Call Number
Finding Information on Personal Participation in World War II (brochure) US DOCS AE 1.102:W 89/2
Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives (3 volumes) US DOCS AE 1.108:G 94/
Using the Census Soundex US DOCS AE 1.113:55/997
Official Register of the United States (1907, 1913, 1915, 1917, 1921, 1925, 1928-1932) (Title before 1913 was: Official Register, Persons in the Civil, Military and Naval Service of the United States, and List of Vessels) US DOCS C 3.10:
Marines in the Revolution (p. 431) US DOCS D 214.13:R 32/1775-83
Marines in the Spanish American War, 1895-1899 (p 153) US DOCS D 214.13:SP 2
Genealogical Sources Outside the National Archives US DOCS FS 4.22:6/3
National Archives - Index, the Papers of the Continental Congress US DOCS GS 4.2:C 76/3/774-89/
Guide to Records in the National Archives Relating to American Indians US DOCS GS 4.6/2:AM 3
Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War US DOCS GS 4.6/2:C 49
Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America US DOCS GS 4.6/2:C 76
Official Register of the United States, Containing a List of the Officers and Employees in the Civil, Military, and Naval Service, Together with a List of Vessels Belonging to the United States (1905) US DOCS I 1.25:905/V.2
Surveys and Surveyors of the Public Domain US Docs I 53.2:SU 7/785-975
Family Ties in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland: Sources for Genealogical Research US DOCS LC 1.2:F 21
Generations Past: A Selected List of Sources for Afro American Genealogical Research US DOCS LC 1.12/2:AF 8/4
Register of the Department of Justice (1908-1912) US DOCS J 1.7:
Register of the Department of Justice and the Courts of the United States (1913-1914, 1916, 1918-1922, 1929-1942, 1955-1966) US DOCS J 1.7:
Records of the Virginia Company of London (1607-1626, 4 volumes) US DOCS LC 1.11:V 81
Letters of Delegates to Congress 1774-1780 US DOCS LC 1.34:26/
American and English Genealogies (1919) US DOCS LC 9.2:G 28
Territorial Papers of the United States (Including Vol. II, Northwest Territory; Vol. IX, Orleans Territory; Vol. XVI Illinois Territory, 1809-1814) US DOCS GS 4.13
The Official Record of the United States' Part in the Great War: The Government Account of the Thirteen American Battles and ... the Army of Four Million Men, Prepared Under the Instructions of the Secretary of War ... Complete Official Stories by the Adjutant General's Office describing the Heroic Exploits of the Seventy-eight Congressional Medal of Honor Men. Complete Official Register of Awards of the Distinguished Service Cross ... and Distinguished Service Medal. US DOCS W 2.2:OF 2x
The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (70 volumes) US DOCS W 45.5:

Military Records

Resource SuDoc Call Number
Air Force Chaplains (4 volumes, covers 1917-1980) US DOCS D 301.2:C 36/3
Register of the Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps (1908, 1911, 1923-1945) US DOCS N 1.10:
Compilation of Court-Martial Orders for the Years 1916-1937 US Docs N 1.14:1
Officers of the Navy and Marine Corps in the District of Columbia (1936, 1938-1942) US DOCS N 1.20:
Navy Directory: Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps (1937-1941) US DOCS N 1.24:
State Summary of War Casualties - (A 50-volume set for WWII Casualties—we own about 35 of the volumes, including Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico) US DOCS N 1.34
Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the United States Marine Corps Reserve (1931, 1933, 1941) US DOCS N 9.20:
Medical Department of the United States Navy with the Army and Marine Corps in France in World War I US DOCS N 10.2:M 46/3
Register of Officers of the Confederate States Navy 1861-1865 US DOCS N 16.2:R 26
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion US DOCS N 16.6
Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Navy Who Lost Their Lives During the World War, from April 6, 1917, to November 11, 1918 US DOCS N 17.2:W 89
Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of Naval Reserve Force (1921, 1929-1931, 1935, 1939, 1941, 1943-1944) US DOCS N 25.6:

Location: Texas Documents

Resource Call Number
Texas Family Land Heritage (2001, 2002, 2005) Texas Docs A900.5 F21
Civil War Letters of George W. and Martha F. Ingram, 1861-1865 Texas Docs E 11.509:9
The Texas Sampler: A Stitch in Time (oral history “sketches” of Texans born in the late 1800s through the early 1900s) Texas Docs G 2.AG 4:2/SA
Index to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants Texas Docs GL 1.2:G76
Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in South Texas Texas Docs GL 1.8:L23
Presiding Officers of the Texas Legislature, 1846-1995 Texas Docs L1400.5 P926O 1995
Post Office Papers of the Republic of Texas (2 vols.) Texas Docs LI 1.2:P84
Catalog of Genealogical Materials in Texas Libraries (PT.1 Virginia, PT.2 Kentucky) Texas Docs LI 1.10:2/
Texas Treasury Papers: Letters Received in the Treasury Department of the Republic of Texas, 1836-1846 (4 vols.) Texas Docs LI 2.2:T71
Texas County Records: A Guide to the Holdings of the Local Records Division of the Texas State Library of County Records on Microfilm Texas Docs LI 2.8:C83/2
Current Texas Reference Sources:   A Sesquicentennial Guide Texas Docs LI 2.8:T31
Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions Texas Docs LI 2.102:P38
Inventory of County Records, Hale County Courthouse, Plainview, Texas (shelved with additional county record inventories) Texas Docs LI 2.109:H13
Inventory of County Records, Shackelford County Courthouse, Albany, Texas Texas Docs LI 2.109:SH1
After Slavery: The Rubin Hancock Farmstead, 1880-1916, Travis County, Texas Texas Docs T1300.7 R299 NO.19
Texas Medal of Honor Recipients, 1863-1981 Texas Docs V400.5 M466 1993
Biographical Directory of the Texan Conventions and Congresses, 1832-1845 Texas Docs Y 1.2:2/B52
Exploring the Afro-Texas Experience: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources About Black Texans Texas Docs Z S900.7 OC1 NO.5
My Goose is Cooked:  The Continuation of a West Texas Ranch Woman's Story Texas Docs Z S900.7 OC1 NO.9
Guide to the Manuscript and Photograph Collections of the Southwest Collection (Texas Tech University) Texas Docs Z TT300.1 G941 1996