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Finding, Viewing, and Embedding from Films on Demand

Instructions for finding videos of interest, for viewing a specific video, and for embedding or linking to a specific video.

Embedding a video

To embed a video in WTClass or a PowerPoint:

  1. Open 2 tabs or browser windows, and in 1 go to the course segment where you want the video.
  2. In Films on Demand find the video or video segment you want to use.
  3. Under the video, click the link labeled Embed/Link
  4. Choose the size of video you want to use.
  5. Click the Copy link.
  6. Return to WTClass, and select Add Page in the content area.
  7. Enter your desired title and subtitle (if any). Select the source icon on the text editor toolbar and paste the copied code.
  8. Make the following edits to your code to best meet accessibility standards
    1. Ensure that the style attribute looks similar to this: style="border:1px solid #ddd;height:410px;width:660px;", using the preset size values (e.g.height="410").
    2. Remove the following from the embed code:
      • The preset sizes height="410" & height="660" after adding them to your style attribute
      • frameborder='0'
    3. Add a title="[Title of the video]" to the embed code
  9. Save.

All of the embed code segments include the proxy information to permit viewing on- or off-campus.

Only current WT students, faculty, and staff may view Films On Demand videos.

Linking to a video

For the link to a specific video:

  1. Click the Embed/Link link below the video
  2. Copy and paste the URL where you want the link to appear.

Do not use the link that is in your browser address bar. It contains session information that expires, and won't work.

For specific sections of a video,

  1. Click the segment title on the table of contents that is to the right of the video content.
  2. Click the Embed/Link link below the video
  3. Copy the Segment URL and paste the URL where you want the link to appear. Choosing Segment URL ensure the video link will only show that specific segment.

All of the links include the proxy information that allows off-campus access.

Create a personal account and sign in to create a custom segment. This video tutorial includes step-by-step instructions.