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ENGL 1301: Dr. Alex Hunt


Decide on a topic within the regional scope of the class - focused on:

  • the American West
  • High Plains
  • Texas Panhandle
  • Representation and uses of history (museum, pageant)
  • Environmental sustainability (water, energy)
  • Cultural identity

You MUST find, use, and cite one article other than your class readings

Databases with Newspapers

Newspapers on Microfilm

We have microfilm for these newspapers covering the 1990s and into the present.  We also have other papers with earlier coverage.

How to find microfilm

  • Go to the microfilm cabinets or the periodicals desk
    (2nd floor) for help
  • Look for one of the titles on the left.
  • Find a roll that contains the date of your choice
  • Ask for help using microfilm reader
  • You can print from reader if you have money on your Buff Gold Card ($.10/page)