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EDSP 4369 (EDSP 4095 - 71): Special Education Methods

Field based course designed for special education majors to master instructional strategies for use with students who have disabilities.


The purpose of this guide is to help you locate the resources you need to complete your class assignments.

Research Process

The research process can look different for everyone, and may look different from project to project, but most will have a few common features:

  1. Begin with a question you want answered. What are you most interested in learning?
  2. Decide what type of information you need: do you need newspapers, books, or scholarly articles?
  3. Gather and evaluate information: are your sources current, reliable, applicable, and unbiased?
  4. Is your question answered? Do you need more (or different) information? Do you need to change your question?
  5. Repeat 1-4 until you're ready to use the information: make a decision, write a paper, present, etc.

Don't forget to ask a librarian for help!