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CRIJ 6348: Criminal Justice Ethics

This course covers major moral theories, application of ethical principles and moral dilemmas in policing, the courts and corrections.


Welcome to your course guide!

This guide will cover the same topics that will be addressed in your class at the library for future reference:

Avoiding Plagiarism
In this section, we'll cover the definitions of intellectual property, copyright, and plagiarism (including potential consequences of plagiarism).
APA Citation
In this section, we'll cover the major components of APA citations: References List, In-Text Citation, and Quoting/Paraphrasing.
Reading & Taking Notes
In this section, we'll cover the steps you should complete before and while reading your sources.
In this section, we'll take your quotes and notes that you took while reading and reorganize them into an outline.
In this section, we'll cover how to write your paper based on the findings you've found within your resources.
Finally, this section will provide you tasks and available resources to hand in a final product.