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Public Discussion Board: COVID-19

Archiving WT's Experience with COVID-19: This is a place to discuss our current situation and preserve it for future generations.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Cornette Library COVID-19 Discussion forum. 

This is a place to discuss our current situation, preserve it for future generations, and possibly comfort each other in these strange times. 

For many, this pandemic is a very new experience and that "newness" comes with confusion, frustration, and possibly fear. The COVID-19 forums below are for us to discuss these feelings and to preserve the history of this era. 

There are a few default questions that we created to start things off. You are free to create other discussion tabs or "threads." Anyone is free to post a reply to any of the discussions or responses. See the steps below!

All posts and responses will be permanently stored for future generations. 

Please be courteous to each other.

What Do You Hope That People 100 Years From Now Know About This Epidemic?

What Event Made You Take COVID-19 Seriously?

How Do You Feel About Staying Inside / Social Distancing?