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THRE 1371: Script Analysis

Searching in Artstor

When you search in Artstor:

  • Your search results depend on whether the terms you use match the words on the descriptive record of the image, so use combinations of all the words that might apply, connected with OR. For instance:
    • women OR woman OR girl* OR mother* OR wive* OR ladies OR lady
    • rural OR pastoral OR farm* OR peasant
    • royal* OR king* OR queen* OR prince* OR monarch*
  • Many images lack much descriptive information at all, so you may want to
    instead search very broadly for a given place, time period, and classification, to avoid excluding pictures that'd be useful but lack the terms you might search for.
  • The limiters (Geography, Classification, Date) on the left-hand column are extremely useful for focusing your search.
    • You need to select your criteria again after every time you change your search terms in the basic search box above your results.
    • If you edit your search terms instead in the Advanced Search, your limiters will persist.

screenshot of date limiter tool from Artstor

You can find the link for the Advanced Search directly under the basic search box:

screenshot of Advanced Search link in Artstor

Downloading Images

You can download images at the best available quality with the Download button to the right of the image:

Artstor option buttons with the Download button selected

That will require creating a personal user account:

screenshot of Artstor page with Download button circled and pop-up text indicating a user account is required

Creating a personal account

Don't try to "Log in through your Institution." You'll gain nothing by it.


Artstor Login screen with institutional option crossed out and registration link pointed out.


Make sure you register for a personal Artstor account to download full-size images and save images to groups.

Artstor registration page