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International Baccalaureate Students and AP Capstone Students from Amarillo High.

Scholarly and Popular Sources

What's the difference between a scholarly source and a popular source?


Databases & Scholarly Articles

Library Databases may contain:

  • scholarly articles
  • newspapers or magazines
  • images or historical documents
  • full-text books

Search Tips

Boolean Operators are the words AND, OR and NOT that can be used to combine keywords in ways to narrow your search results.

Use Boolean Modifiers to further define and narrow your search.


  • Group keywords together with quotation marks to search as an exact phrase. Example: “alfred hitchcock”
  • Use the asterisk * if you want to search multiple iterations of a keyword. Example: sequenc* = sequence, sequences, sequencing

  • Use AND to combine several keywords or phrases. Example: “opening credits”  AND typography

  • Use OR to search for information about one term, and also articles about another term. Example: film OR cinema

  • Use NOT to exclude a particular term, word, or subject out of the results.