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Communication Disorders 6315: Research in Communication Disorders

Research in Communication Disorders

Formatting Citations

EndNote has more than 3,300 citation formats, including thousands of individual journal styles. The steps to create a reference list are:

  1. Navigate to Format > Bibliography.
  2. Select group of citations to formate.
  3. Select Bibliographic style.
    1. Up to 25 styles can be chosen to show on Favorites.
    2. First time a style is used, chose Select Favorites to add the style.
  4. Select file format and delivery method for output. An emailed RTF file is easily pasted into your document.

Formatting the Paper

If you use MS Word, go to Format > Cite While You Write Plug-In, and download the software add-on.

There will be a new tab for EndNote, which will allow you to log into your account, and find, edit, and retrieve citations. It imports your favorite styles, and allows you to convert your citations and bibiliography.

If you don't use MS Word, another option is to use the web service to format the citation portions of your document. Create a document in Rich Text Format (.rtf), with citations indicated by curly brackets. Use the appropriate format as shown below:

Library Reference Containing: Temporary Citation Layout
Single reference from author {Author's Last Name, Year}
Multiple references from author with same year {Author's Last Name, Title}*
Multiple references within the same citation {First Author's Last Name, Year; Second Author's Last Name, Year}
Anonymous reference with unique year {, Year}
Anonymous reference with nonunique year {,Year, Title}*

Sharing Reference Lists

Citation groups can be shared with any other user that has an account with EndNote - here at WTAMU, or elsewhere. To share a list for the first time:

  1. Make sure the references you wish to share are in a group.
  2. Navigate to Organize > Manage My Groups
  3. Select the Manage Sharing button for the group.
  4. Select Start sharing this group.
  5. Enter e-mail addresses in the popup window, or upload a text file with email addresses separated by commas.
  6. If your group will be permitted to add, delete or edit citations, change the radio button to Read & Write.
  7. Select Apply.

Adding or deleting group members, or changing read/write privileges is equally straightforward.

Once a group is established and shared, new citations added to the group will also be visible to anyone with whom the list is shared.

References can also be exported in the common formats to share via email. That option is available under Format > export References