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PHYS 1402/2426 Labs

Information for articles for Physics labs 1402, 2426,

In-Text citation

The majority of AIP Journals use the superscript method for in-text citation. This means that there is a small, raised number, such as a 1,2,3 after the punctuation of a referenced content. These superscripts will be used in order of mention, so superscript 1 is used first, superscript 2 is used second, etc. Finally, a reference list of at the end of the article should be used in superscript order to give the full citation. 

Alternative Arrangement:

Some AIP journals allow you to use the (Author Name, Year) in-text citation format. If you use this format, Arrange your reference list in alphabetical order. 

Citation Format

The citation should be put in the following format:

Author, " Article title," Journal Title. Volume(Issue), Page (Year). DOI

  • Author should be: First Initial. Second Initial (If available). Last Name 
  • Article title should be in sentence case (first letter & all proper nouns capitalized)


T. A. Shelkovenko, S. A. Pikuz, and D. A. Hammer, “A review of projection radiography of plasma and biological objects in X-pinch radiation,” Plasma Phys. Rep. 42, 226 (2016).


AIP uses a series of standardized abbreviations for journal titles. Please see the Appendix G, or page 46 of the AIP Style Manual for these abbreviations.