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SOCW/SOCI 4341: Macro Practice

Course guide focusing on grants, funding, and sources for funding for SOCW 4341.

Reference Sources - What are they?

Reference sources:

  • are an excellent place to start research
  • provide background information
  • include basic information sources like dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, chronologies, and research guides.

Some of the most common types of reference sources are:

Provide list of sources (books, articles, etc.) for specific subjects. May include annotations.
Guides to Research
Provide list of sources (books, articles, etc.) for specific subjects. May include annotations
Subject Encyclopedias
Provide in-depth, scholarly articles, focused on a specific subject or discipline. Often include bibliographies.

Using Foundation Directory

  • Foundations are in alphabetical order within the state in which the foundation is headquartered.
  • The indexes include:
    Index to Donors, Officers, Trustees;   Geographic Index; International Giving Index; Types of Support Index; Subject Index; Foundations New to the Edition; and Foundation Name Index.
  • Use "Geographic Index".
  • Look up Texas, then Amarillo, and find 4 listed with a number following each one. 
  • Look up that number in the main part of the directory.
  • Brumley 8730
  • Find that number and you will find contact information, donors, the foundation type, financial data, purpose and activities, fields of interest, type of support, limitations, application information, officers and directors, the EIN (IRS identification number), and a list of selected grants.

Reference Sources for Assignment

We have two books which you can use for this assignment.

Using Annual Register of Grant Support

  • Divided into 10 major subject areas.
  • Indexes include a Subject Index; an Organization and Program Index; a Geographical Index; and a Personnel Index.
  • Look in the Geographical Index under "Texas" for the Amarillo Area Foundation.
  • Amarillo Area Foundation: 1239
  • Find the number in the main portion of the directory.
  • You will find contact information, date of founding, areas of interest, type, purpose, legal basis, eligibility, geographic restrictions, financial data, number of awards for the most recent year, and application information.