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5-Minute Textbook

A companion guide for a Pressbooks introductory program

A Tour of Pressbooks

Please log into WTAMU Pressbooks and hover your mouse over "My Books" If you do not see these two books, please let Bruce or Kelly know: 

  • The 5 Minute Textbook - SANDBOX
  • Library Laboratory Manual - SANDBOX


In this section, we will familiarize ourselves with Pressbooks, including: 

  • Dashboard
  • Organize
  • Book Info
  • Appearance
  • H5P 


The 5-Minute Textbook

The goal of this exercise is to demonstrate how easy it is to import chapters from other books. 

1.) Go to the Pressbooks directory

2.) Find an interesting chapter. The subject does not matter. 

3.) Copy the chapter's URL. 

4.) Go to Pressbooks.

5.) Hover over the "My Books" Button and click on "The 5-Minute Textbook".  

6.) Click on "Import Content" 

7.) On the drop down, select "Web Page or Pressbooks webbook (.html or URL)

8.) Select the "Import from URL" option, and copy the link into the box. 

9.) A page may appear with every chapter from the book you selected showing. Please select one and only one chapter by checking the box next to it. 

10.) Scroll to the bottom and select import selection. 

11.) Wait for the chapter to copy over. 

12.) View the textbook and find your chapter in our new textbook. 



In this section, we will demonstrate how simple it is to write a chapter in a Pressbooks book. 

1.) Click on Dashboard. 

2.) Click on Write a new chapter. 

3.) Put your name as the title. 

4.) Put your self-introduction in the body of the chapter. Feel free to use the tools included to make it fancy, or modify the html directly if you are comfortable doing so. 

5.) Change the part dropdown in the upper right hand corner to Self-Introductions. 

6.) Press Create.

7.) Press Preview to view your entry, and use the page navigation to look at the entries of others.