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COMM 3315 - Research Methods

How to find the best journal articles for your research assignments.

How to Get to List of All Databases


For a list of all databases available through the Cornette Library, go to the library's home page.  Click on the blue button for "Databases A-Z."

Best Databases

Other Databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar:

  • is not a database
  • not always scholarly resources
  • can point you to scholarly databases in the Cornette Library
  • wonderful search engine for a hard-to-research topic

Be sure to go to Google Scholar via the Databases A-Z button on the Cornette Library homepage:


Important: By using this link you will be able to click on any Full Text items that are available by database subscription via the Cornette Library.


Communication Source - Search Tips


Example Search:

You may start out with a broad search, such as:

"mass media" and ethics

Limiting by Date

You may narrow the results by publication date.

Limiting by Date

You may narrow the results by language as well.

Limit by Subject

Be sure to click on "Show More" for a list of possible subjects.

Next check all the subjects that interest you and click Update.