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Media Comm: Journalism

A guide for journalism classes taught by Dr. Nancy Garcia.

Background Information

Dr. Nancy Garcia recommends tips from Starting Your Research with Background Information from Ohio University.

CQ Researcher

CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS)

  • is the non-partisan policy research arm of the United States Congress
  • has been a component of the Library of Congress since 1914
  • produces documents at the request of and for the use of members of Congress
  • provides Congress with research and objective analysis on a wide variety of topics
  • is often regarded as a source second to none, because of its non-partisan, timely, and accurate information
  • CRS staff also provide testimony in Congressional hearings, conduct seminars, briefings, and institutes for Congressional members and their staff

Online access, although perhaps incomplete, is available from a variety of sources including:

CRS Reports from the Congressional Research Service.  Official site for CRS reports.  Began publishing reports online in 2017.

EveryCRSReport has over 20,000 reports.  Includes all reports that are available online from the Congressional Research Service and over 5,000 reports from the University of North Texas online CRS collection.  Adds new reports as they become available.

Congressional Research Service Reports from the University of North Texas.  Integrated, searchable access to many full-text CRS reports available online since 1990.  Has over 15,000 reports.  Ceased adding new reports after 2018.

More information about the Congressional Research Service available on web guide from Cornette Library.

Examples of eBooks Available at Cornette Library