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ANTH 2351 : Cultural Anthropology : Catherine Bowers

Finding books

At least two of your sources need to be a book or book chapter. (Another can be in any category, including a book.)

This EBSCO eBook search below is preconfigured to include
(anthropolog* OR ethno* OR cultur*),
leaving you free to simply search for your own topic within that.

Search for eBooks from EBSCOhost

Viewing the text of EBSCO eBooks

When using EBSCO ebooks:

The links for PDF (or EPUB) will NOT give you the PDF, as in other databases; instead, clicking that will show the text in the embedded viewer in the EBSCOhost interface. You can get PDFs, usually, but it takes an extra step.


the option for “Full Download” requires

  • creation of an EBSCO account and
  • installation of additional software to read the book.

So instead, perhaps:

View it in the embedded EBSCOhost viewer and get a PDF with the steps described in the next section.


Get a PDF of a chapter from an EBSCO eBook

To get a PDF of the book's pages:

  • View it in the embedded EBSCOhost viewer and
  • use options at the very top of the screen for “Save Pages,” “E-mail Pages,” and “Print Pages” to download PDFs of selected pages.
  • This only allows 100 pages generally (it might vary but is rarely the whole thing) during any given user session;
  • If you save 100 pages at first and come back into the database later, the limit will be reset to 100.


print books available in our catalog

Search for available cultural anthropology books in our catalog.