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Public Discussion Board: COVID-19

Archiving WT's Experience with COVID-19: This is a place to discuss our current situation and preserve it for future generations.

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Patrick Diepen 2020-04-15T10:33:31-05:00

What Event Made You Take COVID-19 Seriously?

What event in your life or in the news made you think "this is serious?"


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Kelly Hoppe 2020-04-29T12:44:19-05:00

Even though we had been talking about it at work and developing different work contingency plans, it really became a blip on my radar when SXSW was canceled on March 6th.  Then, Sunday, March 15 is when I really started thinking "this is real".  The previous week Italy had gone into lockdown due to the virus so the news output was really starting to increase.  Sunday, March 15 I literally spent the entire day glued to the news trying to consume everything I could.  Cancelation of conferences and travel were also COVID 19 "milestone" moments for me. 

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