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Public Discussion Board: COVID-19

Archiving WT's Experience with COVID-19: This is a place to discuss our current situation and preserve it for future generations.

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Patrick Diepen 2020-04-15T10:31:51-05:00

How Do You Feel About Staying Inside / Social Distancing?

How do you feel about staying at home more often? Do you social distance? What do you think about social distancing? 


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Kelly Hoppe 2020-05-14T08:21:56-05:00

I am not an outdoor person and I require a lot of alone time so overall, staying inside and staying home hasn't bothered me.  The extra hour I've gained each day by not commuting has been one plus of this experience for me.  That hour has allowed me to more easily spend time each day with my father in law who lives with us.

We are now at week 8 of working from home and I'm finally starting to get the itch to get out of the house and go back to the library building.  Yesterday, I drove over to Canyon to pick up my yard sign that was provided by WT Athletics and it was nice to get out of the house and see the campus.  More than anything, just seeing the campus made me ready to go back to work in the physical building and regain a sense of normalcy. 


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Beth Vizzini 2020-05-19T13:51:43-05:00

I didn't realize how much of a social person I am.  I think of myself as an introvert, but I am really missing the daily contact I had with my co-workers.  I have to go to the library occasionally because of a renovation project we are in the middle of, and the first time I was able to get back in the building, I realized how much I miss the building as well.  I've worked there for almost 20 years and it has become one of my safe havens.

I do think that social distancing is necessary right now, but virtual contact is not the same as face-to-face contact.  I really miss that sense of connection you get when you share space with someone.


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Jonathan Mobley 2020-07-10T09:57:21-05:00

Waiting for test results can be very frustrating! The time it takes for the result is obviously not uniform at every facility. I am now one day shy of waiting for two weeks. I have felt fine since just a couple days after I had the test (the problem may have just been allergies or anxiety), but the clinic's form prevents me from returning to work until I get an official release. I have kept in touch with my co-workers, but it's not the same as being there in person. Yes, I am an introvert, but this isolation takes its toll.

So, I guess my advice is that if you are a hypochondriac, which I admit to (somewhat), keep practicing the safety guidelines. If you don't, you might starting thinking you have a symptom or two, which might prompt you to get the coronavirus test -- which requires this commitment to quarantine, even if you end up not being sick!

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